Today it seems like everything is made in China, but your iron door shouldn’t be. Many times, the company you are looking to buy from may say they are a local iron door company but sadly they are just placing their company name on an iron door that was manufactured in China. The best option is to do your research and find an iron door company that manufactures its doors in the USA using American made materials. Going with the cheaper iron door to save money may seem like a good idea, but when it comes to adding value to your home and the safety of you and your family, the cheaper option, shouldn’t be an option. In the US, more than 95% of iron doors traded, are produced in China. As a result, only a small portion of iron doors on the market are built in the USA using quality materials. Here at Iron Works USA we hand make all our custom iron doors in the USA using quality American made materials. Our iron doors are custom made, low maintenance, and will add both elegance and security to your home.

Iron Door Quality

Whether you are designing a custom home or replacing an existing door, quality is something to not take lightly. The quality of iron doors made in the USA versus China is substantially different. A majority of steel products manufactured in China go through little to no quality control or safety standards as would a steel product made in the USA. Unfortunately, quality control and testing of products manufactured in China cost more to do than the actual manufacturing of the product. These quality standards are meant to protect American consumers. Iron Works USA’s iron doors are built with quality steel made in the US by our experienced staff. Our iron doors are built to last and withstand both mother nature and unwanted guests. Our doors are 25% thicker than the typical steel door that is used. Being that our doors are thicker than others, they are both energy efficient and more secure.

Iron Door Pricing

When it comes to pricing an iron door the prices will vary depending on size and style and of course whether it is made locally or in China based on the quality of materials they use. The average prices you will see when shopping from a Chinese manufacture will range from 3,000 to 6,000 dollars. Typically, when ordering from a company based in China you can find doors on the very cheap end of this range versus a company based in the US but manufacturing in China will start around 5,000 and go up. Local companies in the US that build their doors in America will have a higher price tag. This is because the quality of materials and craftsmanship is at a much higher standard. When shopping for a door that has been manufactured in the US the prices can vary depending on the company, size, style, and extras that can be added such as glass and handles. An iron door made in the USA will range from 6,000 to 20,000 dollars. This large price range is all dependent on added features, style, number of doors needed, and the size of the door you want. At Iron Works USA we have a huge selection of iron door designs in multiple finishes and can build them in any size. We have specials and sales often and also offer financing on all of our USA line of products.

Shipping Process and Costs

The quality concerns of buying an iron door made in China are just the tip of the iceberg. When buying a large object from China, such as an iron door the cost of shipping is never cheap. This is something to keep in mind when looking for the right place to order an iron door, as many times those costs are hidden or added into the cost of the door. When purchasing an iron door made in China, those shipping costs may be hidden until it is time to put in your payment info, giving the customer a big shock. On the other hand, the shipping price might say free as the cost of shipping is already added into the price of the door making the consumer think they are buying a quality door because of the higher price. Iron Works USA designs, forges, delivers, installs, and services all of its iron doors. Our factory trained and insured installers will treat your door and home with great care, ensuring your new purchase stays beautiful and secure throughout the process and for years to come.


When it comes to the investment of an iron door, its good to know your purchase will last and is protected with a quality warranty. The cost of an iron door is not cheap, so knowing that someone has your back is important. When purchasing an iron door from a company in China, or one that builds its doors there, many times their products have a very limited warranty or no warranty at all. This is a big red flag, as this new purchase could be a money pit as a result of a poor-quality product, leaving you to make repairs with your own money. These cheap iron doors from China often suffer from production glitches, poor quality materials, and bad finishes. Many times, the limited warranties these foreign products have do not cover much at all or for a long period. Our iron door warranty is one of the best in the industry and will keep your door secure and looking beautiful for years to come.

Customer Service

Nothing makes a person more frustrated than dealing with poor customer service, especially when there is a language barrier. Unfortunately, most customer service representatives are located overseas leading to not only a language barrier between American consumers but also low-quality service. Iron Works USA handles its sales and service calls right here in Mississippi and holds its team to the highest standards.

About Iron Works USA

From the moment you inquire about an iron door, our local Mississippi team will design, build, install, and service all our custom products throughout the South. We pride ourselves on being Made in the USA as well as using American made materials. Iron Works USA is one of the largest iron door manufacturers in the South and have been assisting both homeowners and developers since 1985. Our product line doesn’t just stop at iron doors, we also manufacture custom gates, fences, rails, screen rooms, and much more. When you are ready to purchase a quality iron door from a reputable and experienced company, Iron Works USA is here to help. Visit us online, call one of our sales specialists, or stop by our showroom for more details and to see what we have to offer.